Deanna Petherbridge Exhibition – Whitworth Art Gallery 16/01/17

Today’s Developing Professional Practice class took place in Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery where we met to visit the Deanna Petherbridge exhibition.

Before the visit I was not familiar with Petherbridge’s work and so arrived at the exhibition with an open mind.

I was pleasantly surprised, impressed and inspired by the technique Petherbridge adopts in her work. Upon close inspection of the artwork I could appreciate the style to its full extent. I found it refreshing to see how pen on paper can create work more impressive than that of software such as AutoCAD. Her work felt natural and organic and I found myself being able to relate to her artistic choice of pen and paper over the mechanical, precise format computer software can produce.

IMG_5784.JPGI also found Petherbridge’s work best experienced up close 



The kink in the careful lines observed up close really brought the work to life by giving it a sense of humanity as well as a reminder of the artist’s time and dedication to her work.



Wednesday 30th November – Change of Page Name to Weekly Post 

I haven’t done a daily post in over a month as I’ve been so busy with university work (Architectural Technology module), my job and I have also been in Prague (posts about this to follow) so I’m going to change this page name to my weekly post instead. This way I think I will have more time to think about what I want to post and therefore I will hopefully have more to say about it! 

I’ve neglected other parts of my blog too and so I will be working my way through updating all areas and getting back on track with keeping the blog up to date. 


Saturday 29th October 

All things Halloween and autumnal! 


Friday 28th October 

I suppose ‘Post a day’ is more like ‘photo a day’


Thursday 27th October 

A design in process 


Tuesday 25th October

Whilst I’ve been ill I’ve been keeping busy by keeping up with ArchDaily posts.

These sketches are from an article I read on the importance of sketches as a form of representation.

“Our hands are organs for thinking”Martin Heidegger 

“Drawings demonstrate ideas that words can’t describe”



Monday 24th October

local cafe/deli

Such a pretty interior and exterior 


Sunday 23rd October 

Illustration inspiration I stumbled across on Instagram. 

Artist: Yuki Nishitani


Thursday 20th October

New Adelphi building, University of Salford

Reminders everywhere to keep working on my O2 reception desk ideas..