Sketchbook Diary Entries – Observational Drawings

Below are the representations of my sketch book diary exercises.
They are 2 separate sketchbooks, A4 and A3.

drawings of the white cubecf5d7536-719a-4af6-968c-385154a7b842a2541b62-a7ee-41dd-b950-be3a666dad9fdrawings of the sharddrawing of wooden hand713ce466-f599-4c72-a51f-d6ed7598c9ec0296d074-2f74-47bf-8911-c42347eaa678160bd48d-da13-4617-8611-b9855c19bb464101b6c6-3640-4104-82ba-dea079a143852391fa03-d5c4-4ce9-ae81-ab3ba233b0bd97d237e7-d7e0-4de1-b127-fedd1c376f513845ede8-4d54-4fe4-bf12-beb4ab87f4911bb85647-63ae-4643-b297-b25ee285f3a4f26657be-b214-483d-a428-41fcfd032da2f52adc3b-2325-4a9a-b7ed-4dc2bda30b1df6ee5953-7d66-4466-81a9-984f024c9effe5a84f44-41c0-4a04-9af0-3d5cf5d66e267956bd48-c80e-44d4-b09d-ee5a9b387785bbf4786f-aada-420d-8469-b699e9afc02b7cfdc03b-056d-4cd5-b528-167b72bd31987e82f779-a6fb-40a9-bbc0-6fd4b638e17f2f293bae-316e-4575-9787-7924c41ae81d8af95127-a090-4a00-8c1f-e3477b15886989ea0b31-aafe-4783-a38f-37d70d2f84af0c0e5d55-f494-4cd8-a3d4-4f4883a728b99622587e-1947-4676-8514-d02246a9f3c3c449c162-07f1-43eb-b970-5b79ebb60f98


Executive Summary: Area 2: Learning to Learn

I preferred the Learning to Learn area of the module as I felt the drawing elements involved suited my creative needs better and I have noticed a big improvement in my drawing skills and ability to see perspective which I previously struggled with.

In this module I experimented with different drawing styles and found my preferred style is using ink as it allows me to draw freely and confidently. I began taking my sketchbook diary with me whenever I went and this greatly helped me to want to draw what I saw and sometimes interpret it in differing styles. I rediscovered my passion for drawing and sketching throughout the months doing this module as I used to draw as often as I could however I stopped and briefly lost my skill and understanding of it.

I enjoyed and benefitted from the independence of the sketchbook diary exercise and variety of subject matters we could cover as I often find I lose interest and it quickly becomes a chore when repeating the same type of task.
At times my perfectionism got the better of me as I found myself taking far too long and spending hours on getting some drawings to the standard I wanted rather than limiting myself to a certain amount of time. If I had been stricter with my time management I would have not only improved quicker and become more confident in creating quick sketches but I would have created more drawings too.

My strengths definitely lie in the creative area of the sketchbook diary and the freedom it gave me. I enjoyed myself whilst completing each drawing, especially the drawings of buildings which involved perspective as previously I would have avoided any form of perspective drawing due to lack of confidence and skill however now I feel very confident with it.