Degree Show Brainstorming: A Mood Board (Adobe InDesign)

I have come up with the following concepts for my degree show in June.

I created the mood board on Adobe InDesign to compile ideas I have for how I want my assigned area to look and more importantly, how I want to portray myself as an artist and designer.

degree show 2018 mood board

I will use the illustrative hand drawn lines/scribbles as a border along the bottom of the boards to show my favoured method of communicating visuals. I searched for a while to find a suitable font that will display my name whilst communicating my brand accurately, and settled on this handwriting style. I sought permission from the owner after finding it online, and downloaded the font alphabet.

As I have an unusual name, I like to play on this across my work. From experience, people typically remember my name as it’s fairly unique and so by using my name as much as possible throughout my work, it becomes a recognisable brand. The font also helps with this as the delicate handwriting style is a reminder of my hand-drawn work. My website features this font throughout the site for similar reasons. My CV also features my name in big, bold, bright pink letters to have a similar effect, but to a more professional standard as I understand fonts and colour choices say a lot about a person or business.

I hope to display my NMP booklet and a bound copy of my dissertation in my show. The NMP booklet gives a clear introduction to the model and other work relating to NMP that will be on display. I have chosen Blurb to print a landscape copy of the booklet. I also believe the topic of my dissertation, Emotional Design, encapsulates what my work is all about and who I am too as a designer and artist. I chose a fairly casual magazine style holder in my mood board to give people the option of reading them, rather than displaying them as part of the main exhibition, which may look a little too proud and forceful!

To feature some of my work, I have considered methods of hanging. Whilst an aesthetically pleasing and clean way of displaying work, the notion of art in suspension has been a recurring theme throughout my time as university. I have referred to, and used, this method in many modules in Levels 4, 5 and 6. I also recall a conversation with Andrew in Level 4 about my future degree show in Level 6 and how he could imagine it being artistic and, in reference to the module I was doing at the time involving art in suspension (3D Design Practices and Procedures 15-16) , how he thought it would feature my work being hung and so I think it could be nice to refer back to this idea.



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