Blacksheep Interiors: A Presentation

The Applied Professional Practice sessions have recently consisted of exploring and analysing existing established interior design practices.

Blacksheep Interiors are an interior design firm based in London who specialise in the hospitality industry. The presentation featured below explores a little about their practice and dissects the pros and cons of their branding and website, with the intention of taking this information and applying it to my own professional practice, website and portfolio.


Link to Blacksheep Interiors Presentation


STUDIOILSE: Ilse Crawford Interior Designer

My favourite interior designer Ilse Crawford featured heavily throughout my dissertation on Emotional Design as she encapsulates the very understanding of this design practice.

The StudioIlse design company are a London-based firm and produce international commercial and residential interiors.

My fascination and obsession with Crawford’s ideologies and designs stem from her succinct understanding of human needs and desires that permeate her design philosophy. As an emotion driven person myself, I can identify with this philosophy and understand it as being crucial in producing memorable and poignant design.


lauren crow illustration of ilse crawford
Ilse Crawford by Lauren Crow

I’d say I have been heavily inspired by Crawford’s philosophy in my NMP module. The creation of the women’s centre has been driven by the desire to help and serve women in need, putting their humanistic necessities at the forefront of the design. The whole concept of the centre is emotional; it serves to help, inspire and nurture visitors through the services provided (counselling, group talks, art galleries, a tea room) and thoughtful decor (biophilic design, colour schemes etc.), whilst celebrating and introducing the visitors to independent female artists/businesses through promoting their work in the centre, either in the gift shop, galleries or via leaflets/flyers in the reception area.

StudioIlse has been the only interior design company I have truly wanted to be a part of. I find Crawford’s work and attitude towards design like no other interior designer I am aware of, and if choosing to pursue interior design after I graduate, I would consider working towards an internship with this firm. Whilst this would be a massive achievement for me, I also consider taking inspiration and motivation from Crawford’s design ideologies as a personal achievement and hope to continue building on this holistic approach towards art and design in the future.

Career Paths

My time at the University of Salford has been valuable in highlighting my strengths and weaknesses, as well as where my talent and interests lie.

I have developed a keen interest and passion for illustration that I expect to pursue after I graduate. I aim to continue to better my skills by practicing in my free time and possibly freelancing when I develop my confidence in my own work.

After the excitement of the Specialist Studies (16-17) module, I am considering set design as a career path. I enjoy the idea of building something transient. I think this suits my personality well as I find the concept of a non-permanent physical object to be artistic, intriguing, and poetic.

I have family connections within the theatre and performing arts industry and so this may be beneficial for getting my foot in the door, should I choose to pursue this.

The success of my dissertation has led me to explore options of publishing it as an academic journal. I’ve always enjoyed writing essays and for my own pleasure and so this is something I feel confident I would excel at. One of my favourite interior designers, Ilse Crawford, started her career as a a magazine editor for Elle Interiors. This is something that really speaks to me and could be an exciting opportunity if I choose to explore it a little further.