Alphonse Mucha: In Quest of Beauty. Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

I went on a day trip to Liverpool to visit the Alphonse Mucha exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery. Mucha is one of my favourite artists and I often take inspiration from his intricate and ethereal decorative Art Nouveau style. I believe I implement this delicacy and femininity into my own designs that are concerned with the female form and natural formations.




The instantly recognisable style of Mucha got me thinking about how I’d like my work and brand to be and what it should stand for. The core principal underlying his artistic philosophy is concerned with the celebration of beauty. I find his work is charming and elegant to look at, which is something I hope others will see in certain areas of my own work.

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The typography and decorative motifs used are also elegant and keep in line with his subject matter. This is something I feel strongly about as I believe an artist’s work does not end at their chosen artistry, but it continues through their branding, how they are advertised and what people think of when hearing their name. To me, it is very important to keep continuity throughout my work, website, blog and any other platform I promote myself on, including my upcoming degree show where I will have the opportunity to express myself and show what my own personal brand is and stands for. I believe this consistency shows professionalism, which is important when trying to become a reputable designer or artist.

With the Advanced Studies in Interior Design redesign of Salford Museum and Art Gallery module in mind, I took this opportunity to examine the space and circulation of the cafe and gift shop area within a museum setting. The layout and furniture was simple and fairly uninteresting. The gift shop display seemed dated too.

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