Level 5 Work Experience: CMT & Forecast Tracking

My weekly duties include keeping the CMT form up to date for the current period.

The form is extensive and consists of the following information required;

  • Status of the lead
  • Customer/ Lead Name
  • Lead date
  • Who the lead was taken by
  • Email address/contact number
  • Project type
  • Whom the lead has been assigned to (which designer)
  • Home visit date
  • In store appointment date
  • Next type of customer activity
  • Budget

The process takes approximately an hour and a half to complete each time it is updated.

It is a time consuming task yet essential for management to track leads.

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The forecast tracker is important for estimating how much the store will make and has made so far (weekly).

Each Wickes store is set a weekly target. My job is to keep this updated for management to keep track of how the store kitchen and bathroom sales are going.

This task took very little time to do and can be done at the end of a typical day.


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