Reflective Practice: Personal SWOT Analysis


  • I am expressive and creative through my ideas and styles of drawing.
  • I can take constructive criticism of my own work and apply it well.
  • I can present ideas well and know how to present accordingly depending on who the client/person of interest is.
  • Future prospects: I am aware of the opportunities I am presented with and I take advantage of them. My current job of Kitchen & Bathroom Advisor at Wickes offers the appropriate opportunities to develop my technical and computer skills for creating visuals for clients, as well as the professionalism and manner required to work with clients.
  • Range of work experience and accumulation of different skills



  • Limited technical skills (AutoCAD, SketchUp)
  • Time management
  • Often procrastinate
  • Lack of confidence in ability (drawing, software, etc.)
  • Competitive – can be defeated when my potential or work isn’t recognised



  • The neighbourhood where I live, Heaton Moor, is a close community and is proud of the local attractions. My website,, is soon to feature illustrations of famous Heaton Moor architecture and landmarks. This is something I am being opportunistic with by taking advantage of what the area has to offer and what I have to offer it by targeting my illustrations to the people in the local area.
  • Family connections and contacts – father in stage design and mother in interior design


  • Rival course mates who have better technical abilities than I do
  • Other illustration artists attempting the same/similar approaches as I am in the local area
  • Lack of technical skill may be a problem when entering work placements or going for interviews

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