Deanna Petherbridge Exhibition – Whitworth Art Gallery 16/01/17

Today’s Developing Professional Practice class took place in Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery where we met to visit the Deanna Petherbridge exhibition.

Before the visit I was not familiar with Petherbridge’s work and so arrived at the exhibition with an open mind.

I was pleasantly surprised, impressed and inspired by the technique Petherbridge adopts in her work. Upon close inspection of the artwork I could appreciate the style to its full extent. I found it refreshing to see how pen on paper can create work more impressive than that of software such as AutoCAD. Her work felt natural and organic and I found myself being able to relate to her artistic choice of pen and paper over the mechanical, precise format computer software can produce.

IMG_5784.JPGI also found Petherbridge’s work best experienced up close 



The kink in the careful lines observed up close really brought the work to life by giving it a sense of humanity as well as a reminder of the artist’s time and dedication to her work.