Saturday 29th October 

All things Halloween and autumnal! 


Thursday 27th October 

A design in process 


Tuesday 25th October

Whilst I’ve been ill I’ve been keeping busy by keeping up with ArchDaily posts.

These sketches are from an article I read on the importance of sketches as a form of representation.

“Our hands are organs for thinking”Martin Heidegger 

“Drawings demonstrate ideas that words can’t describe”



Monday 24th October

local cafe/deli

Such a pretty interior and exterior 


Sunday 23rd October 

Illustration inspiration I stumbled across on Instagram. 

Artist: Yuki Nishitani


Thursday 20th October

New Adelphi building, University of Salford

Reminders everywhere to keep working on my O2 reception desk ideas..


PBH Shopfitters reception desk 

Not necessarily inspiring to what my final design will be but non the less helpful and interesting to look at reception desks in real work place environments. Apparently parts of the old desk were recycled to make this new desk


Wednesday 19th October

A wall of exposed brick with electric candles placed neatly in each gap.

Details inspire me 


Tuesday 18th October 

PBH Shopfitters visit (18/10/16)  

Helpful, insightful, exciting and inspiring