Sketchbook Diary Entries – Observational Drawings

Below are the representations of my sketch book diary exercises.
They are 2 separate sketchbooks, A4 and A3.

drawings of the white cubecf5d7536-719a-4af6-968c-385154a7b842a2541b62-a7ee-41dd-b950-be3a666dad9fdrawings of the sharddrawing of wooden hand713ce466-f599-4c72-a51f-d6ed7598c9ec0296d074-2f74-47bf-8911-c42347eaa678160bd48d-da13-4617-8611-b9855c19bb464101b6c6-3640-4104-82ba-dea079a143852391fa03-d5c4-4ce9-ae81-ab3ba233b0bd97d237e7-d7e0-4de1-b127-fedd1c376f513845ede8-4d54-4fe4-bf12-beb4ab87f4911bb85647-63ae-4643-b297-b25ee285f3a4f26657be-b214-483d-a428-41fcfd032da2f52adc3b-2325-4a9a-b7ed-4dc2bda30b1df6ee5953-7d66-4466-81a9-984f024c9effe5a84f44-41c0-4a04-9af0-3d5cf5d66e267956bd48-c80e-44d4-b09d-ee5a9b387785bbf4786f-aada-420d-8469-b699e9afc02b7cfdc03b-056d-4cd5-b528-167b72bd31987e82f779-a6fb-40a9-bbc0-6fd4b638e17f2f293bae-316e-4575-9787-7924c41ae81d8af95127-a090-4a00-8c1f-e3477b15886989ea0b31-aafe-4783-a38f-37d70d2f84af0c0e5d55-f494-4cd8-a3d4-4f4883a728b99622587e-1947-4676-8514-d02246a9f3c3c449c162-07f1-43eb-b970-5b79ebb60f98


Executive Summary: Area 2: Learning to Learn

I preferred the Learning to Learn area of the module as I felt the drawing elements involved suited my creative needs better and I have noticed a big improvement in my drawing skills and ability to see perspective which I previously struggled with.

In this module I experimented with different drawing styles and found my preferred style is using ink as it allows me to draw freely and confidently. I began taking my sketchbook diary with me whenever I went and this greatly helped me to want to draw what I saw and sometimes interpret it in differing styles. I rediscovered my passion for drawing and sketching throughout the months doing this module as I used to draw as often as I could however I stopped and briefly lost my skill and understanding of it.

I enjoyed and benefitted from the independence of the sketchbook diary exercise and variety of subject matters we could cover as I often find I lose interest and it quickly becomes a chore when repeating the same type of task.
At times my perfectionism got the better of me as I found myself taking far too long and spending hours on getting some drawings to the standard I wanted rather than limiting myself to a certain amount of time. If I had been stricter with my time management I would have not only improved quicker and become more confident in creating quick sketches but I would have created more drawings too.

My strengths definitely lie in the creative area of the sketchbook diary and the freedom it gave me. I enjoyed myself whilst completing each drawing, especially the drawings of buildings which involved perspective as previously I would have avoided any form of perspective drawing due to lack of confidence and skill however now I feel very confident with it.

Executive Summary: Area 1: Digital Practice


In this area of the module I was tested on my ability to use and understand digital software such as AutoCAD and SketchUp. To begin with I struggled with AutoCAD as learning the shortcuts wasn’t something that came naturally to me. I am now confident using these shortcuts as I have practiced with them in my own time however I am still lacking any confidence with the functions and properties and how to create anything other than basic floor plans.

SketchUp seemed to be the easier option for me and so I spent more time developing my skills in this software. I mainly used it for the Design and Materials module as I was more confident with it and 3D Warehouse provided me with a wider range of options and inspiration. I also found the layout and use of colour throughout the SketchUp software more user friendly than AutoCAD.

My strengths within the Digital Practice area of the module have been my ability to learn from making mistakes having the patience to find out why I made such a mistake and then not repeating them the next time. For example when using AutoCAD I found myself forgetting to use the ESC command before starting another command to cancel everything. My weaknesses fell with cutting corners and using alternative commands as a means for a command or process that I found more challenging and time consuming.

Overall I feel the area of Digital Practice has been my least favourite topic as I don’t feel 100% confident with using the software and creating 3D designs tends to take me a lot longer than I expect it takes others. I believe I have tried my best with it and used my spare time to watch tutorials. I am improving slowly and impressed with myself as I have never excelled when it comes to computers and technology.